What is Drone and UAV ? The Drones Usage

What is Drone and UAV ? What’s the use of Drone and UAV ?

The words drone often gives a bad impression. In the media we often see drones associated with war and air strikes. Then, the role of the drone can be much broader than being a weapon. The drones are used by a wide range of aviation enthusiasts and organizations around the world for entertainment, research, environmental protection, agriculture, etc., and even to save lives. Therefore, we have to name the drone so that everyone can recognize the wide application potential of the drone.

From a technical point of view, a UAV [Unmanned aerial vehicles] is usually defined as a drone that automatically completes the take off to landing process. According to this definition, in fact, the so-called “unmanned aerial vehicles” currently on the market do not conform to the concept of “unmanned aerial vehicles” as defined in the art, and most of them are only a remote-controlled rotary-wing drone. Although such “unmanned aerial vehicles” have a certain degree of automation, they do not realize the complete process of taking off from autonomous, flying to various scheduled waypoints, and finally autonomous landing. In fact, some military so-called drones, in fact, are only remotely piloted drones, and some people are manipulating them.

what is drone and uav? In fact, what everyone saying now is “a drone” that is relatively broad in meaning. It contains all radio-controlled drones with some type of flight controller.

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