The drone law in China — Know No Drone Zone before in Flying

Do you know the drone law in china? Be careful to know no drone zone before in Flying in China.

Many travelers buy a drone to shoot videos of the places they’ll be visiting but when you’re crossing international borders, not being aware of the local laws can cost you fines, hassle, the loss of your drone, or worse. Some countries, even those very popular with tourists, prohibit unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs e.g. drones) from being imported at all.

The drones continue to be hot in China, and the relevant laws have been lagging behind. This year, some regulations have been released.

In January 2018, the first state-level drone management regulations draft for the draft of the “Provisional Regulations on Flight Management of Unmanned Aircraft (Draft for Comment)” was announced. On April 9, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the latest “Administrative Measures for Operational Flight Activities of Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Provisional)”.

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Recently, the first local regulations to include drones in the scope of public security management have also come out. The Guangdong Provincial Legislative Affairs Office publicly solicited opinions on the “Administrative Measures for Public Security of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Guangdong Province (Draft for Review)” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”).

The civil drones managed by the Measures, that is, civilian unmanned aerial vehicles, mean:

There are no airborne pilots, self-contained flight control systems, and aircraft engaged in non-military, police, customs and other missions.

Unlike the provisions of the Interim Regulations on Flight Management of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Draft for Comment), the Measures do not classify drones as “two-level, three-category and five-type”, as long as they meet the scope of “civilian unmanned aerial vehicles”. As applicable, the “micro” aircraft does not have to be registered in the real name, but it is also under the management of the “Measures”.

 | Please note that the no-fly zone:

The Measures prohibit civil unmanned aerial vehicles from flying in the following areas:

(1) Military and civil aviation airport clearance protection areas;

(2) Railways and highways, EHV transmission lines and above 50 meters on both sides;

(3) State organs, military, communications, water supply, power supply, energy supply, and danger Above the key prevention and control target areas for the storage of national materials, large-scale material reserves, and supervision places, such as national activities and people’s livelihood, national security and public safety;

(4) above the large-scale event sites, stations, terminals and other densely populated areas;

(5) The prefecture level is above the temporary control area announced by the listed people’s government or its public security organs.

In principle, the above five areas are forbidden to fly, but if it is necessary to fly in the “no-fly” area because of “site survey, engineering construction, aerial photography, etc.”, you can apply for a flight plan to the flight control department in advance and obtain approval. Work can be done at the rear.

| UAV holder, manipulator specification

For drone holders, you can not only “change the machine” (illegally modifying the aircraft or changing the aircraft’s flight performance settings), but also registering it in the civil aviation system.

It is forbidden to drive after drinking, and it is forbidden to operate drones after drinking. The drone operator must standardize the drone “native”, regulate the person, and regulate the behavior of “bear child”, otherwise social regulations, laws and regulations will come to “regulate” you.

According to the “Measures”, the local public security organs will become the main responsible department for the security management of drones, so the offenders will be punished in accordance with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Public Security Administration Punishment.

There have been frequent incidents of drone injuries. The most recent one was the “Beijing drone wounding incident” on May 9, 2018. The perpetrator was a 14-year-old German boy.

There is no mention of the operator’s age regulations in the “Measures”, but the “Provisional Regulations for the Flight Management of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Draft for Comment)” at the beginning of the year has clear rules for the age of drone drivers:

Article 20 The pilot of a light drone shall be 14 years of age or older. There shall be an on-site supervision of the adult under the age of 14; the driver of the small drone shall be at least 16 years old; the driver of the medium and large drone shall be at least 18 years old.

“He” is still a child? Then don’t let go of the guardian of “he”.

Supermarkets sell knives, buyers take knives and swearers, supermarkets need not be responsible?

Merchants don’t know that it is not a toy that is sold to children, but a “weapon” that rotates at a high speed. Although small and above drones require real-name sales records in accordance with the Interim Regulations on Flight Management of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Draft for Comment), the “chaotic” sales of these “micro” drones are still a safety hazard.

Injury to a drone may constitute a crime, and local management regulations are no longer “enough” and must be held accountable according to law.

In the drafting of the “Measures”, the Guangdong Legal Affairs Office explained the necessity of formulating management regulations:

Since 2017, illegal flight of unmanned aircraft has interfered with the normal flight of civil aviation flights at several airports across the country. Some key parts of the airport and nuclear power plants in our province have also been affected by the “black fly” interference of drones, which seriously threaten aviation safety and Public safety.

In 2017, drone interference in the airport incident occurred frequently in Chongqing and Chengdu, disrupting the normal journey of tens of thousands of passengers. Not all aircraft accidents will encounter the “Captain of Sichuan Airlines.” The bad drone interference caused the police to activate the drone counter guns.

The consequences of nuclear power plant problems, I have introduced in the robot involved in nuclear leakage treatment. Playing drones to play human disasters is really not “scare” you. Even if there is an operating license operator, a good performance drone, it is difficult to ensure that the drone will not get out of control into the nuclear power plant area, so strictly in accordance with the regulations away from the no-fly zone, in order to ensure safety.

For the safety of human beings, please pay attention to know the drone laws in china and know no drone zone. all safety rules of drones before playing and using drones.


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